Roll up, Roll up: The Circus has left town (temporarily)

Entertaining a nearly-one-year-old can be exhausting at times and it’s easy to run out of funny faces to pull and amusing, yet educational (!) games to play.

After a particularly disturbed night and after feeling sick from the monotony of the few nursery rhymes I know, I found myself at a loose end this afternoon – hanging by a thread.

So, before we drove each other insane, I tried something new: Nothing…

Yep, I got a cuppa, sat on the sofa and plonked the boy down on the floor surrounded by a few toys. Low and behold he sat STILL for a few seconds then started to play. By himself. No need for mummy the clown.

“This’ll never last.” I thought but a whole 20 minutes later he was still there – total miracle!

It got me thinking, maybe it’s good to not be hanging over him every second.

Okay, I’m not going to let him go off and climb the stairs alone but I think it marks the start of him entertaining himself a little more… ahhh, my boy is finding his freedom!

Most likely it was a fluke, maybe I have been too over-protective but it was nice to accept I can take the pressure off every now and then and I think it did us both good!

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