Mama on the move: Out’n’About

I love it when things just work. Things that are easy to use, of good quality and do what they are supposed to do make my day. Since I’ve had a little one this has become even more of a priority and I have to say the Out’n’About Nipper V4 buggy has been one of my top baby purchases.

This three-wheeler is light as a feather, turns on a six-pence and is perfect for off-roading through muddy puddles and bumpy terrain. From root- strewn woodland to sandy beaches, our Out’n’About hasn’t stopped us once. (Except for one small puncture which was easily fixed with a regular puncture repair kit!)

We’re an outdoorsy couple, have a very active dog and were keen that having a baby wouldn’t put an end to our leisurely weekend rambles. Daily dog walking is a must to save our pooch from climbing the walls and our beautiful Silver Cross pram simply would not cut it in the woodland and parks near us –not to mention all the mud we get through! This buggy lives in the back of our garage saving the posh pram for cleaner adventures.

The Out’n’About was recommended by a friend and, on giving her’s a trial run, I was sold. I’ve used this buggy since our little one was around four months old but I know you can buy a newborn insert for smaller babies. It folds swiftly and compactly and is light enough to chuck in the car boot  – quicker than two shakes of a spaniel’s tail!

The hammock-style seat is really cosy and our eleven month old often snuggles into it and falls asleep before we’ve even set off walking, so I know he’s comfy. The suspension on the buggy is enough to lull him to sleep on the rockiest of walks and more often than not he stays sound asleep in the pram long after our outing is over.

There’s a small but very usable pouch-type basket underneath the pram and large pockets on each side which zip securely shut. We have bought the matching footmuff to use through winter and the foam covered handle bars help maintain a good grip and are warm to push on cold days. The rain cover, included in the price of the pushchair, fits snuggly and is so easy to fasten with velcro over the hood and footrest. One criticism I have is that the pull-cord used to recline the seat is a bit fiddly and gets twisted so it’s not that easy to lay your baby back when on the go.

Overall, this buggy is brilliant; such a simple design and it’s refreshing to use something that makes everyday life easier. I wouldn’t be without it.

Some great bargains can be found in the Out’n’About Outlet shop too. Bonus!