It’s about the marathon, not the sprint

Each year we’ve had the London Marathon on the TV in the background but it’s only this year it hit me just what an amazing feat it is.

It really brought home what momentous effort a marathon is when I watched David Wyeth helped over the finish line by fellow runner Matthew Rees. Seeing Wyeth struggle, literally unable to put one foot in front of the other, was really emotional and quite humbling.

Yesterday, the day after the marathon, I felt a bit like I too couldn’t put one foot in front of the other as I found it hard to get my head round a big project at work. We’re also trying to do some work in the house, which is currently a tip and I felt like it was all starting to get on top of me. Although the stuff I have on is nowhere near as big a challenge as a marathon, I still felt overwhelmed and a bit panicky. I’m not usually like this and decided to get myself in check before I let it take over.

I thought about the marathon runners who have trained for months in preparation and it made me realise I need to be in it for the long run – not try to get everything done perfectly instantly.

Accepting I’m not going to get everything done right here and right now is helping me feel more optimistic; I feel more relaxed about what I have ahead and can focus more clearly on the small steps I can take towards getting things how I want them.

So today I’m focusing on doing things well rather than rushing and trying to fit too much in and I actually feel quite good!

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