Holidays… and accepting they’re no longer quite the same…

Ahh holidays, relaxing, trying new foods, seeing new places and generally going with the flow…

Erm yeah, throw in a toddler and it’s a bit different! It’s no longer lay-ins in the mornings or whiling the time away in a quaint coffee shop with the weekend papers – more like packed lunches, sugar fuelled tantrums and chancing eating out – all the time feeling on edge about an imminent meltdown…

I don’t want to make out that we’ve not had a good time in Devon over the last week, we have, but I think we’re both taking some getting used to it not being the same as it was. It’s nowhere near as relaxing  for a start!

But, holidays now have a whole new meaning – it is a chance to slow down – even if this means doing things at an 18 month old’s pace; watching as he takes his time studying the thrash of the waves or the sight of a mammoth seagull! You see things in a new light – things you wouldn’t have appreciated before.

It got me thinking as to whether we should expect less from holidays now or just learn to do them differently? I’m sure it’s the latter and I’m sure this will grow as our family grows and we start to find more we can enjoy together.

So, while I feel a bit grumpy about how tired I am after our ‘break’ I’m trying to focus on the lovely memories we have made as a family and while holidays might not be the same as they used to be, they are a whole new adventure.

Here’s my recommendations for holidaying in South Devon:

  • We stayed at Porch Cottage in Sidford, just outside Sidmouth which is a really good spot along this part of the coast
  • The beaches are mainly pebbly – no good for prams and very restrictive for dogs. Also, very bad for sandcastles!
  • Beer, Branscombe, Lyme Regis, the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth and Seaton tramway are all worth a visit (although don’t bank on spending the day at Seaton as there’s very little there and its really quite run down)
  • Jacob’s Ladder is a nice sandy beach when the tide is out and dog friendly past a certain point too

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