Back to work…

In almost exactly one month I go back to work…

I’ve been off for nearly thirteen months and it does feel like time for the next stage – part time.

I’ll be working three days a week and am steadily gearing myself up for it. Thankfully childcare is sorted as my little boy’s grandma will be taking the reins, so that’s a big weight off my mind.

For the next few of weeks I’ve given myself the task of giving the house a good sort and clean and doing all those jobs I’ve been putting off with a little one under my feet. So far, I’ve done quite little so I really need to crack on… I’m half way between wanting to get organised and thinking ‘make the most of my time off, it’ll be over soon.’ It’s a bit like nesting in reverse!

Of course it’s not over fully, I’ll still have four days off work, including the weekend, and I’m hoping it’ll be the best of both worlds. I hope I won’t feel too split between home and work life and that I can switch between the two.

I do feel a bit daunted, but excited at the same time. One thing I do have to do is buy a whole new work wardrobe (watch this space…) as I got rid of all my old work stuff – either because it was old or because I’d stretched it with my bump.

Not that I’m putting off getting going with what I want to do but I think I’ll make a list first…

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